Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer Review

​The Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U 5.5-Cup Induction Heating Rice Cooker and Warmer is marketed and sold as a rice cooker – but it's really so much more! It has multiple functions that allow you to bake bread, slow cook stews, steam vegetables, and make a delicious fritttata. Oh, it also cooks rice to perfection too.

In this review, I'll be going over the best features of this wonderful rice cooker. In fact, calling this appliance a mere rice cooker just doesn't do it enough justice because it does so much more than cook soft and fluffy rice.​

Offers All The Benefits Of Induction Cooking

The latest innovations in induction cooking are used to ensure that rice is cooked more quickly, more evenly, and that the flavors are enhanced. An alternating electric current heats the whole pan and makes precise temperature adjustments as it cooks, ensuring perfectly cooked rice every time.

With traditional Micom cooking methods, only the bottom of the pan is heated directly and the heat spreads up the sides. The result is often uneven results and longer cooking times. Energy efficiency is thus better with induction cooking: 85% as opposed to 60% with Micom cookers.

Multiple Cooking Functions

This is not just a rice cooker! It has 11 different functions. Choose "Plain" to cook white rice or switch it to "Quick" if you need to prepare your meal in a hurry. The "Ultra" option will make sweet and sticky white rice (perfect for British rice pudding or Japanese sushi). Jasmine and brown rice have their own settings too to meet the cooking needs of the different types of rice. In addition to all that, you can also get creative with the free recipe book and try the porridge, oatmeal, bread baking or slow cooker options.

Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U Review - Multi-cooking functions and and an easy-to-use programing display makes this a winner

Multi-cooking functions and and an easy-to-use programing display makes this a winner

Makes Two Separate Meal Components At Once

The "Tacook" plate, combined with the "Syncro-Cook" function, allows you to prepare rice and another dish at the same time. The steam from the rice will cook pastry, veggies, or meats perfectly, while the steam vent technology prevents either from tainting the other's flavor.

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Easy To Use Programming And Display

The program menu on the electronic display is simple to follow and you can easily select the mode you need. The clock and timer function will further allow you to see how much longer your food needs to take to finish cooking.

Easy To Clean

The lid of this rice cooker can be completely removed, making it easy to clean every nook and cranny and thus prevent unhygienic food build-up.

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Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U 5.5-Cup Induction Heating Rice Cooker and Warmer Package Details and Accessories

This Tiger appliance comes complete with everything you'll need to start cooking fragrant rice (and a myriad of other things) to perfection. Your unit will ship with:

  • 1 x Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U Rice Cooker and Warmer
  • 5 Layer Metal + 3 Layer Coating Inner Pot with Grip Handle
  • Detachable "Tacook" Cooking Plate and Steam Pan
  • Cookbook with Lots of Tips and Recipe Ideas
Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U Review - You can even make two separate meals in this rice cooker!

You can even make two separate meals in this rice cooker!


This Tiger Corporation rice cooker measures 13.9 x 10.2 x 8.4 inches and weighs 9.9 pounds.


  • The 5.5-cup capacity means that you can cook for the whole family. (There's also a 10-cup capacity model available.)
  • Trying out new recipes and exploring the machine's various functions is a lot of fun.
  • Life's busy – so why use (and wash!) two appliances when one will do a much better job?
  • You can switch it on, carry on with your life, and return to perfectly cooked rice.
  • It's super user-friendly. With accurate measurements on the bowl, it will be hard to get your cooking wrong.


  • You'll have to get used to some of the weird Japanese-translated words in the programming. For example, in the bread making function, the "Ferment" cycle would have been better worded as "Proof" since that's the function that warms the dough and allows yeast to rise.

Consumer Ratings

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The majority of customers who have bought this rice cooker have left overwhelmingly positive reviews for it at various cooking forums and eCommerce sites. Even people who were skeptical about the cooker in the beginning (how hard is it to cook rice anyway?) reported that the Tiger Corporation JKT-S18U rice cooker allowed them to enjoy the softest and fluffiest rice they had ever tasted in their lives. These skeptics are now new converts to Tiger rice cookers.

What's surprising is that a few rice connoisseurs and professional sushi makers have given this cooker the thumbs up too. Overall, past purchasers seem to be very impressed with the many cooking functions and feel that the product should have been named a multi-cooker instead of a rice cooker.​

Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U 5.5-Cup Induction Heating Rice Cooker and Warmer with Tacook Plate Price

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If you're looking for a rice cooker that can do everything except mop the floors and pick the kids up from school, then choose this Tiger Corporation JKT-S10U Induction Heating Rice Cooker and Warmer. You'll have a lot of fun experimenting with the functions and using the recipes as a guide. So, just imagine biting into Terriyaki meatballs with rice (cooked simultaneously with the Tacook plate) tonight or a slow-cooked beef casserole tomorrow! Or maybe even a bowl of fluffy, creamy porridge for breakfast the day after. The sky's the limit when you own this versatile cooker.

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