Ramblewood Gc1-28n (Natural Gas) Single Burner Gas Cooktop Review

​There are many benefits to cooking with natural gas: it's cheaper, heats up more quickly, and it's easier to adjust and control temperature on gas cooktops than on electric stoves. An alternative to electricity is also an important consideration for people who live in areas prone to power outages from storms.

This Ramblewood Gc1-28n (Natural Gas) Single Burner Gas Cooktop is therefore great for small homes and mobile homes, and perfect for back-up cooking. Despite its small size, it punches well above its weight and delivers on efficiency, effective cooking, and offers a stylish modern design to complete the package.

The gas versus electric cooktop debate has raged for a long time and there are pros and cons for each. However, Ramblewood's cooktop has a few features which might just tip the scales. Let's take a closer look…

Electricity Is No Longer Essential

The spark on this cooktop is powered by electricity (110 V AC input) for convenience but it also features an "off the grid" function so that you can light it with a match or lighter if you don't have access to electricity. This will be perfect for people located in the West Coast or other storm prone areas.

Effective Cooking and Heating

With a maximum heating power of 11000 BTU, this little cooktop is able to meet any cooking need efficiently. One of the major benefits of cooking with gas is that it heats up far more quickly than electric elements and allows you to have a higher degree of control over the heating.

Ramblewood Gc1-28n Review - All fittings and features are ETL safety certified

All fittings and features are ETL safety certified

Sleek Design and Appearance

Unlike clunky older gas burners, this Ramblewood model features a ceramic top. This innovation is both practical and visually attractive. It fits seamlessly and stylishly into the modern kitchen and becomes part of the décor. There's no wasted space too since its entire surface is functional, making the cooktop perfect for smaller kitchens. The Ramblewood cooktop is also far easier to clean when you compare it to other gas cooktops since it has no moving heavy elements. A quick wipe does the job.

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Safety Certified

Another benefit of the ceramic top is that there’s no naked flame. This means there's less risk of fire than with other cooktops. All fittings and features are ETL safety certified.

Ramblewood Gc1-28n (Natural Gas) Single Burner Gas Cooktop Package Details And Accessories

This Ramblewood GC1-28N package includes:

  • Cooktop
  • Gas pressure regulator (inlet and outlet: 1/2 inch NPT thread size)
  • LPG/Propane burner nozzles (for conversion)
Gas pressure regulator of the Ramblewood Gc1-28n cooktop

Gas pressure regulator


The cooktop measures 20 x 12 x 3 inches and weighs 11 pounds. To install it into your kitchen counter, you'll need a 3.5 inch depth clearance.


  • If space is an issue (e.g. you live in a mobile home) or you're only cooking for one, this cooktop won't use up precious extra space unnecessarily.
  • The cooktop is excellent if you live in areas where electricity cuts out in storms. You'll still be able to prepare a hot meal by candlelight.
  • The running costs of natural gas are cheaper than those of electricity.
  • The one year warranty means that you can purchase with a peace of mind.
  • If your home is set up for propane, rather than natural gas, an easy conversion can be made. The cooktop even comes with the fittings you'll need.


  • If your kitchen is not set up for gas at all, installation can be fairly expensive at the outset (it does work out cheaper in the long run, though!)
  • You'll need to get into the routine of checking that the cooktop is switched off properly after use or you could leak gas into your home.

Consumer Ratings

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This product is highly rated at various eCommerce sites and the majority of past purchasers have given it the stamp of approval. It seems that users were most impressed the cooktop's effective cooking and the compact design. A number of users have said they purchased the Ramblewood Gc1-28n as a back-up in case of power outages in weather events and that it has been a lifesaver when they've had the cause to use it. A couple of other past purchasers have even reported taking the cooktop camping. (This is actually not recommended by the manufacturer – the cooktop is best used after it has been safely installed!)

Ramblewood Gc1-28n (Natural Gas) Single Burner Gas Cooktop Price

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If you're limited by kitchen space and need a cooktop to serve only one or two people, the Ramblewood Gc1-28n (Natural Gas) Single Burner Gas Cooktop is well worth your consideration. If you live in an area that suffers from extreme whether events, it could also be a very useful backup in case of power outages. Natural gas is cheaper and easier to control than electric cooking – so consider making the switch today!

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