Kenyon B41515 Mediterranean Trimline Cooktop Review

When it comes to buying an electric cooktop, many things like price and durability could sway your purchasing decision. But if an elegant design, efficiency, and great performance are also high on your list of priorities, then the Kenyon B41515 6-1/2-Inch Mediterranean 2-Burner Trimline Cooktop could just be what you've been looking for.

This kitchen appliance is UL/C-UL approved and therefore meets the industry standards for safety. 

But to determine if it would make a good buy, it's still wise to do your research. The following review will help you to that end as it outlines the features, pros, and cons of this cooking appliance.

Sleek and Stylish Design

One of the most striking aspects of the Kenyon 6.5" Mediterranean 2-burner cooktop is its sleek and elegant design. For those of you who like to buy beautifully designed kitchen appliances, this cooktop won't disappoint. It features a stylish black color scheme and is made of subtly textured ceramic glass. What's more, the edges of the cooktop take on a beveled design. This not only adds to the impressive aesthetics, but also makes installation easy.

Flexible and Reliable 2-Burner Cooktop

This cooktop is flexible in that it allows you to turn on one burner at a time (and both when required). Therefore, power will not be wasted when cooking. Each burner has its own control knob and indicator light. You can adjust the heat up or down by turning the appropriate knob for each respective burner.

This 2-burner cooktop also heats up quickly and is very reliable. Quick heating can be attributed to the 2100 watts of power that each coil uses, as well as the cooktop's ribbon-type heating elements. These elements support efficient cooking by directing heat up through the ceramic glass.​

Kenyon B41515 Review

Offers a myriad of features to help you cook better

Equipped with HOT Indicator Light and Other Safety Features

Kenyon designs cooktop appliances with safety in mind and their 6.5" 2-Burner Mediterranean Trimline cooktop is no exception. It comes with a "HOT" indicator light that lets you know when not to touch the ceramic glass. Another safety feature included in this cooktop is the use of temperature limiters within the burners. These components cycle the radiant heating element so that the surface temperature will not exceed the maximum limit.

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Easy to Clean Ceramic Glass

Keeping your Kenyon Mediterranean cooktop clean will be a breeze. Since there are no burner stands to take apart, the flat surface of the cooktop makes clean up a quick and easy experience. To remove food spills, simply wipe the surface with a clean soft cloth or paper towel and recommended cleaner. Kenyon also provides a special cleaning agent called Cerama Bryte. Although this cleaner is sold separately, a sample will be included in your package at no extra cost. Unlike other chemical cleaning agents, Cerama Bryte won't etch or discolor the cooktop surface.

Robust Construction

In addition to being easy to clean, this cooktop features a robust construction. Ceramic glass is very strong and a good conductor of heat. Both of these attributes add to the overall durability and performance of the cooktop.

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Kenyon B41515 6-1/2-Inch Mediterranean 2-Burner Trimline Cooktop Package Details and Accessories

  • 1 x ceramic glass Mediterranean Trimline Kenyon Cooktop
  • 2 x mounting brackets
  • 1 x package containing mounting screws
  • 1 x Bottle of Cerama Bryte (ceramic cooktop cleaning agent)
  • Instruction manual with warranty information
Kenyon B41515 Cooktop Review - 2-Burner Trimline Cooktop with Analog Control UL

2-Burner Trimline Cooktop with Analog Control UL


The Kenyon 6.5" Mediterranean Trimline cooktop is relatively compact. It measures 21" (L) x 12" (W) x 3.2" (H) in size.


  • Fast heating ribbon-type radiant element
  • Compact size is perfect for small kitchens
  • "HOT" indicator lights for added safety
  • Variable temperature control
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Attractive design


  • Ceramic glass requires special cleaning agent to prevent scratches
  • Cooktop doesn't have a child lock safety feature

Consumer Ratings

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According to a couple of past purchasers, there seems to be very little to complain about the 6.5" 2-burner Kenyon Mediterranean Trimline Cooktop. For the most part, buyers appear to be very pleased with this appliance. This kitchen appliance is aesthetically pleasing, heats up fast, and cooks evenly. This appears to be a high-quality cooking appliance that you can enjoy for years.

Kenyon B41515 6-1/2-Inch Mediterranean 2-Burner Trimline Cooktop Price

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Kenyon has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality cooktops and the 6.5-inch 2-burner Mediterranean Trimline cooktop measures up to the brand's good name. Not only is this cooktop reliable, efficient, and robust, it's also easy to clean, compact, and stylish. The best part is you'll get a 3-year product replacement warranty when you buy this cooktop. Overall, it's a fantastic appliance with few flaws and offers great value for money.

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