FoodSaver FSFSSL3810-000 Vacuum Sealer Review

​Frozen foods can quickly become dry, flavorless, and suffer from freezer burn. So, if you like the taste of fresh food and the convenience of frozen, investing in a quality vacuum sealer is definitely the way to go. The FoodSaver FSFSSL3810-000 Vacuum Sealer will allow you to store your own fresh food in totally airtight packages that will last up to five times longer than other packaged foods. It's a great machine to have around because it will save you time and money in the long run.

Great for Storage and More

Sealing foods in airtight packages is the main function of the machine but there are a few other neat things it will do as well. A built-in accessory hose lets you marinate meat, poultry, or fish in just minutes instead of hours. It can also be used to suck air out of jars and containers for a completely airtight seal.

Store a Range of Foods Completely Airtight

It's really easy to vacuum pack foods for airtight storage with this unit. All you need to do is fill your bag, select one of the two vacuum speeds, and align your bag with the open end. The machine's fully automatic operation detects the bag and gets to work sucking out air and sealing your package.

Air perishes food quickly and allows mold to form. And in the freezer, the moisture in the air can form ice crystals on your food and spoil it with freezer burn. By making use of the FoodSaver FSFSSL3810-000 Vacuum Sealer, food in your vacuum sealed packages will now have a considerably longer shelf-life. Food will also last up to 5 times longer. For instance, you'll now be able to keep meat fresh in the freezer for 2 to 3 years instead of 6 months.​

Foodsaver FSFSSL3810-000 Vacuum Sealer Review - The FoodSaver system will help you store food up to 5x longer than other methods.

The FoodSaver system will help you store food up to 5x longer than other methods.

User Friendly and Convenient

The purpose of the vacuum sealer is to make life easier for you and thoughtful features such as the built-in bag roll holder and the bag cutter help to do this. Cleaning up is also a breeze because the drip tray detaches without effort and is completely dishwasher safe.

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Attractive and Functional Design

The smooth, stream-lined exterior and black and silver color of this unit mean it will look great with the decor of most modern kitchens. The vertical design is great too – it takes up less space on your counter, so you'll have plenty of space to work with your food.

Note: The FoodSaver Quick Marinator (as seen in the video above) is sold separately.

FoodSaver FSFSSL3810-000 Vacuum Sealer Package Details and Accessories

The FoodSaver FSFSSL3810-000 Vacuum Sealer comes with everything you need to start locking in freshness and storing food the smart way. The package includes:

  • The vacuum sealer unit
  • One 11-inch heat seal bag roll
  • Three 1 quart bags
  • Two 1 gallon bags
  • Instruction manual
Foodsaver FSFSSL3810-000 Vacuum Sealer Review - The vacuum sealing system will save you up to $2700 a year. This is based on buying in bulk when food items go on sale and preventage wastage.

Foodsaver FSFSSL3810-000 Vacuum Sealer Review - The vacuum sealing system will save you up to $2700 a year. This is based on buying in bulk when food items go on sale and preventing wastage


The vacuum sealer unit measures 9 inches x 21 inches x 13.2 inches and weighs 10.9 pounds.


  • The vertical design makes it perfect for people who have limited counter room. With the FoodSaver FSFSSL3810-000, you'll have all the suction and sealing power you need without needing to sacrifice even more space in your crammed kitchen.
  • The two speeds and choice of "moist" or "dry" setting allows you to package a wide range of foods. Delicate foods like soft vegetables or homemade cookies won't be crushed by the vacuum's power.
  • You can select "seal only" to reseal packets like chips or pasta without vacuuming.
  • It's perfect for when you get home from a successful fishing trip and have far too many fillets to eat. With the FoodSaver FSFSSL3810-000 Vacuum Sealer, you can package them up and enjoy them later.
  • Instead of leaving meat soaking for hours in marinade, you'll be able to use the accessory hose to suck out air and force the flavors into your meat in just a few minutes. (If you don't have a marinator unit, be sure to pick one up here.)


  • With the FoodSaver FSFSSL3810-000, you'll need to get used to cutting 3 inches or more bag than you'll need. This is because if you get any moisture on the sealing area, the heat seal won't be as effective. Some past purchasers have recommended pre-freezing wet foods for about an hour first to make sealing easier.

Consumer Ratings

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Many buyers appear to be highly satisfied with the freshness of the food they've stored and how easy the system is to use. A number of customers were also amazed at how quickly it does the job – nearly as fast as sealing a Zipper bag!

FoodSaver FSFSSL3810-000 Vacuum Sealer Price

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The FoodSaver FSFSSL3810-000 is great for anyone who loves the taste of fresh food but doesn't have the time to go to the market every single day. It has powerful suction and sealing, which results in fresh and tasty food that you would have never guessed had been in the freezer. The machine is also an excellent choice for people who want the effectiveness of a top quality sealer but lack the counter space for flat models.

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