60 Deliciously Healthy Homemade Chocolate Recipes

60 Deliciously Healthy Homemade Chocolate Recipes - No Special Equipment Needed!

There are as many ways to skin a cat as there are methods to prepare chocolate. As it turns out, this beloved dessert has a rich history behind it and a ton of fascinating facts surrounding it. But this post isn't about the history of chocolate, but rather, what dishes you can create out of it.

Chocolate is truly a gift that never fails to delight. In addition to being scrumptious, helping to cure broken hearts, and satisfying sweet tooth cravings, scientific research is now suggesting that chocolate is actually healthy!

​Yep, dark chocolate is loaded with several nutrients that can positively affect your health. These include cacao, flavanols, antioxidants, and a few other organic compounds. These ingredients work together to give chocolate the ability to improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, improve brain function, lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and protect the skin against the sun. But then again, chocolate isn’t chocolate without the calories and sugar. So, remember to only eat this decadent snack in moderation.

In light of these interesting facts about chocolate, it would be great to include this tasty treat into your diet. To help you get started, this post will offer you a list of chocolate recipes that taste as great as they look.

But first, before we get there…​

Why Should You Use These Chocolate Recipes?

The secret behind chocolate's health benefits is cacao, which is a bean that's quite bitter on its own. This is why other ingredients such as milk, sugar, and butter (among others) are used when making chocolate.

Unfortunately, most chocolate manufactures tend to add too much of those ingredients and dilute the benefits of cacao – rendering the end product quite unhealthy. But that won't be the case with the recipes I'm sharing. All of the below recipes were created with health in mind wherever possible and they give you the best chance of reaping all of the healthy benefits of chocolate while satisfying your taste buds.​

The recipes in this list are also very easy to make. Therefore, even if you're a klutz in the kitchen, you need not worry because the most amateur of cooks will be able to whip these yummies up to perfection.​

Basic Ingredients Required For Making Chocolate

To be able to make the recipes in this list, you'll need to have access to four basic ingredients. I've talked about them in this post, so be sure to check it out. Very briefly, though, these ingredients include a natural sweetener, milk, healthy oil/fat, and cacao powder. The other additional ingredients required range from nuts to berries and cherries.

Some ingredients and equipment that you can use to whip up a batch of delicious chocolate cookies!

Some ingredients and equipment you can use to whip up a batch of delicious chocolate cookies!

Some additional recipes may also be needed to help make the chocolate dishes more delicious. For instance, when making the caramel chocolate cream tart, the recipe for salted caramel with nut toppings will be required. Don't worry about all that at this stage because I'll be linking to every recipe you'll need.

I'll be starting off with the simpler recipes first before going on to intricate chocolate cheesecakes and what-nots. Have fun!


Simple Banana Chocolate Sauce

Simple Banana Chocolate Sauce Recipe

The natural goodness of creamy, ripe bananas truly complements the fragrant aroma of chocolate.

I first saw this simple banana chocolate sauce at my buddy's housewarming party a couple of months back. It was sitting there on the countertop and I couldn't resist diving in tongue first when the host, Sebastian, walked out of the kitchen. (Sorry, Sebastian!) I even had thoughts about smuggling it into one of the bedrooms, shutting the door, and taking myself to a chocolate fantasy island where everyone loves both the sinner and the sin.

This banana chocolate sauce is really delicious, rich in nuts, and healthy at the same time. So smooth and creamy, it looks like swirls of chocolate silk. Not that I've tasted silk but you get the gist. Get the recipe here!


Yummy Chocolate Spread

Homemade Yummy Chocolate Spread Recipe

A delicious bowl of lip-smacking chocolate spread awaits!

You may sometimes feel like you need to add a little sweetness to your snacks. It's true that you can spread this yummy chocolate spread over a hundred tortillas and munch your way to oblivion. But why would you limit the possibilities of this delectable treat?

Do it the boring way by eating it with pretzels or smearing it on a piece of toast. Or get creative and lather up a banana to add a dessert element to a healthy fruit. Regardless of how you chose to use this chocolate spread, you'll not be disappointed. Get the homemade yummy chocolate recipe!​



Hazelnuterella Chocolate

Spread this on your breakfast toast for a wonderful way to start your day

It's normally wrong to self-invite but anytime Sebastian of Simple Banana Chocolate Sauce fame comes up with a new chocolate dish, I head over right away. (Just to watch how he makes the dish, of course. Although I might eat a little when he's not looking.) The last time I went over, I even brought him some hazelnuts and demanded he recreate this dish. So, I'm not exactly a freeloader. I mean, just look at all that creamy goodness. Get the recipe here!​


Simple Chocolate Truffles

Simple Chocolate Truffles

More chocolate truffles recipes coming up!

I can just imagine these semi-sweet chocolates wrapped in delicious whipped cream, vivacious vanilla, mouthwatering mint, exquisite cinnamon, appetizing amaretto, crunchy almonds, and wild walnuts. Out of my way, people! I'm coming through, making my way to the kitchen. Do not trifle with my truffles. Get my simple chocolate truffles recipe!


Chocolate Barks With Walnuts

Chocolate Barks with Walnuts

If you love walnuts and dark chocolates, you'll love this treat!

Are you ready for some scrumptious walnuts covered in sheets of chocolaty goodness? This is one marriage that's made in heaven and the honeymoon is going to take place in my mouth. Nothing satisfies quite like layers of chocolate-smothered walnuts when the chocolate craving hits hard. The taste of these chocolate barks with walnuts is as exhilarating as going over the Niagara Falls in a barrel.

I hope you don't mind if I bring a few friends over (like the whole city block) when you make some. When the word gets out that you have these chocolate barks with walnuts cooking in your kitchen, you're going to have to keep your oven hot because the request for more are going to pour in like crazy!​


Maca Chocolate Barks With Nuts

Maca Chocolate Barks With Nuts Recipe

Looks super sinful - but it's not! Enjoy this guilt-free dessert when you make it from home!

This maca chocolate barks with nuts dessert is healthy, chocolaty, and nutty all at the same time. The triple tasty trio is bound to be a huge hit at both birthday parties and Christmas celebrations alike. It's going to be hard to keep the dessert tray full, so you better keep the chef busy or you'll go nuts when screaming fans demand more!

These sweet treats are loaded with thick chunks of chewy chocolate, delicious and nutritious nuts, the super food maca, and drizzled all over with tasty frosting. It hits a home run every time it's served. Get the recipe here!​


Almond Butter And Hazelnut Chocolate

Almond Butter and Hazelnut Chocolate Recipe

This nutty-flavored chocolate snack will no doubt delight your taste buds.

Make birthdays, weddings, and Christmas celebrations come alive with this almond butter and hazelnut chocolate dessert bars. It's a marriage of delicious chocolate and nuts, and what a gorgeous couple they make!

This is one desert you can really sink your teeth into. It offers some crunchy goodness and the hazelnuts truly add the perfect texture to this award-winning dish. Get the recipe!​


Peanut Butter And Cacao Nibs

Peanut Butter and Cacao Nibs Recipe

Swirly goodness

This peanut butter and cacao nibs desert is simply delicious and highly nutritious. The dessert bowl overflows with swirly peanut butter goodness marinated in the smooth and silky flavor of chocolate. Everyone who sees this delightful desert will be drawn to it instantly. It's so good your guests will feel like they have to sneak off to a corner to eat more of it!

Go ahead and grab a spoon and dig in. But don't let the neighbors know or your doorbell will never stop ringing! This dish is a real party favorite; one you'll never go wrong with. I highly recommend using disposable bowls and plastic spoons to make cleanup a snap. Get the recipe!​


No-Sugar Chocolate Mousse

No-sugar Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Health-conscious chocolate-loving folks rejoice!

Gasp! Sugar-free chocolate? Some say that's just preposterous and downright impossible. There cannot possibly be chocolate without sugar. Many naysayers will refuse to believe it.

But wait right there!

Remember that man has been on the moon and if that's possible, chances are no-sugar chocolate is also doable. I'm here to confirm that it exists. And the dish is astoundingly delicious. This is possible because cocoa comes sugar-free naturally. So, get the delicious recipe to wrap up your meals here!​


Almond And Butter Chocolate Mousse

Almond and Butter Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Time to tie your apron on and get started making this dish!

Can you resist this delicious and mouth-watering treat? Yeah, I know you can't. So come have a bite with me...

Did you know that. . .

...eating chocolate everyday reduces the risk of heart disease by one third?

This treat is perfect for special occasions. It's also the perfect aphrodisiac to set the mood from dull to very sexy in record time. Sit back and relax with your significant other while listening to some romantic music by the fireplace as you indulge in your most tasteful and savory chocolate fantasies. Get the recipe here!


Protein-Rich Chocolate Mousse

Protein-Rich Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Made with quark cheese and chocolate

I know you're feeling proud because you made a priority of getting your workout in today. And you've just survived "leg day." You're a bit hungry now and know that your muscles need a little TLC or you might have a rough time getting out of the car tomorrow.

While the other gym rats are guzzling bottles filled with water and chalky protein powder, you can dig into this big bowl of chocolate mousse. Don't worry – it's protein-rich chocolate mousse. Yes, dreams DO come true!​

This mousse has the smooth, velvety texture that's like some magical mixture of pudding and fluffy frosting. Go ahead and top it with semisweet chocolate shavings to add another layer of rich chocolaty lusciousness.​

When swirled into cups and bowls, the dish simply screams "Instagram!" So, take some selfies with it while you're still in your gym clothes and make all of your friends wish they could be you. Get the recipe!​


Raspberry Parfait Chocolate Mousse

Raspberry Parfait Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Raspberry parfait chocolate mousse with a raspberry kick... yum!

To bring a touch of class to any meal, be sure to always include this raspberry parfait chocolate mousse for dessert. This delightful little dessert combines rich, smooth mousse with layers of fresh seasonal raspberries. Rustic charm is added to the presentation by serving it in a vintage jar. Sumptuous fresh raspberries and a hint of mint make an enticing garnish.

The dessert is the perfect way to end an elegant cocktail evening or an intimate dinner party. Because of its rich milk chocolate flavors, it pairs well with a sweet, subtle wine such as a Rose champagne. Get the mousse recipe here!​


Chocolate Chips Avocado Mousse

Chocolate Chip Avocado Mousse Recipe

A great way to end your dinner.

This chocolate chips avocado mousse dessert is packed with nutrients and smooth to taste. The glowing blend of avocados will make you sing the liberation song as you take your first bite and let your senses go. Steeped in an enchanting tradition that has traversed nations of the world, it's a welcome treat anytime of the day. Furthermore, you don't have to be a culinary expert to recreate this dish.

Bring back the spark in your children's eyes by giving them a taste of this dish. There are only a few experiences that can top this capsule loaded with sweetness. This is one dish that will remain the anchor for every occasion. Get the recipe here!​


Chocolate Mousse With Nuts

Chocolate Mousse With Nuts Recipe

Grab a spoon and glide it across delicious bowl of mousse!

This dessert will leave you drooling and you don't even need to taste it to know it's going to be good. So, take care if you have little ones around you! They may not be able to resist the sight and aroma of this cocoa paste dusted with crunchy nuts.

Please don't blame your kids when you find their hands all dark with the chocolate mousse. What did you expect, anyway? If you, the adult who's supposed to be well-behaved could hardly wait to dive right into the dessert, what about the kids? They just had to have all their hands on deck – and maybe their faces too!​

That's what we are talking about: something that keeps you looking forward to that time when dessert is served. Hey! Stop salivating: go get one for yourself.​


Chocolate Pudding With Cream

Homemade Chocolate Pudding with Cream Recipe

This homemade chocolate pudding with cream is simple to make and will be a big hit with friends and family!

This chocolate pudding screams pure indulgence. If you love your chocolate in all its wonderful goodness, then this pudding is for you.

The moist chocolate pudding base is topped with a generous serving of thick cream into which chocolate chunks have been dunked into. It practically begs for you to glide your spoon through its smooth, creamy layers. Although the pudding may look too good to eat (and it would be a shame to demolish those chocolate curls that are sprinkled throughout)... alas! Eating it simply has to be done. Get the recipe here!


Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

This treat is thick and creamy and full of chocolaty flavors!

If you have a sweet tooth, then you better try this excellent dessert. You just need a large avocado, cacao powder, some soy milk, a little bit of honey, and a spoonful of vanilla. Mix them up and poof! You have yourself an awesome dessert, which also serves as a delicious spread.

If you want it to be more chocolaty, go ahead and add more cacao. But if you like it milky like I do, then open the fridge, get that soy milk out, and start pouring to your heart's content.

This dessert is great for fooling your children into thinking they're eating a sugary sweet dessert. What they won't know is they're in fact gobbling up a whole avocado. Avocados have more potassium than bananas, Vitamin K that builds strong bones and prevents heart diseases, Vitamin C that keeps our body growing, Vitamins B5 and B6 to fuel our bodies, and even Vitamin E that's so essential for our system to function. What more could you ask for? Get the recipe here!


Chocolate Brownies

Homemade Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Brownies are one of life's greatest pleasures.

These squares are simply unmistakable. Even if you're fifty feet away, you can tell right away that chocolate brownies are in the house as soon as the aroma of brownies baking in the oven floats your way. And when you scurry to the kitchen to grab a piece for yourself, the expressions on the faces of those busily munching it down will be enough to tell you that these brownies are to-die-for.

This chocolate studded dessert is sure to leave you licking your fingers as you roll it over your tongue before letting it glide down. Get the brownie recipe!​


Chocolate Frosting

Extra Delicious Chocolate Frosting Recipe

There are so many ways you can use this frosting to jazz up your desserts!

The creamy texture and rich chocolate taste of this frosting is sure to liven up any dessert. What better way to perk up a boring yellow cake than by dusting it with some chocolate frosting? Or how about adding a little more flavor to your sugar cookies with this creamy layer of goodness? Brownies might be too dry alone but a little chocolate frosting will add a touch of moisture.

And nothing says "Happy Birthday!" quite like a cake with chocolate frosting, sprinkles, and a few candles. The kids are sure to enjoy this chocolate frosting so much they will be digging out a few scoops before it even makes it onto your cakes and cookies!

But why stop there? Heat it up a little and you have chocolate sauce for your ice cream. It's also perfect as a dipping sauce for a fruit platter. Get creative! There are a plethora of desserts just waiting for a little dab of chocolate. Get the chocolate frosting recipe!​


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

All that doughy goodness just for me!

No dessert is more delicious than freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. As you indulge in these cookies, memories of your grandparents and childhood will sneak into your thoughts. Those thoughts will cause you to return to the cookie jar again and again, and before you know it, it will be time to whip up another batch. This time, however, you'll want to pour yourself a glass of milk to wash the cookies down.

Almost everyone has been a chocolate chip cookie addict at one time or another in their lives. It all starts with taking a fresh cookie right off of the sheet and shoving it into your mouth, enjoying it as it melts and falls apart. And then you cannot stop. Get the chocolate chip cookies recipe!


Chocolate Tart

Delicious Homemade Chocolate Tart Recipe

Only 3 simple steps to make this chocolate tart from home!

This well-embellished treat is packed with goodies that appeal to both the young and old. Whenever you set off for a picnic or organize an event, you can count on this for a wholesome time.

Depending on how you want to enjoy this snack, you can serve it as dessert or simply have a bite in between meals. A healthy dose of this can give you the boost you need to face your day. Every bite reminds you that life is sweet when you know how to rock it with a chocolate tart.


Chocolate Cream Tart With Pistachio Crust

Chocolate Cream Tart with Pistachio Crust Recipe


Has she finally agreed to go out on a date with you after numerous attempts of coaxing her out? If so, you surely don't want to embarrass yourself by feeding her lousy food or taking her to cheap restaurants. (Leave that to the teenagers!) You want to treat her as exquisitely as she looks, don't you? So, take her home and cook for her.

Once the two of you have relished a sumptuous home-cooked meal, treat her to a finger-licking dessert of a chocolate cream tart with pistachio crust. This dessert is simply irresistible and you'll see this once she digs her teeth into the awesome sweetness.

Romance cannot be expressed in any better way other than sweet, well-prepared, and nutritious food. You may buy her a vulgar teddy bear (like teenagers do), flagrant perfume, or even some roses. But the ultimate way to wedge your way into her heart is through this dessert. As the delicacy melts in her mouth, so will she acknowledge you as a soulmate. Get the recipe here!​


Caramel Chocolate Cream Tart

Caramel Chocolate Cream Tart Recipe

Starry little treat

What better combination for a late night sweet treat than chocolate and caramel? Cue the presentation of this tart. This slice gives the impression of simple decadence. I mean, just look at the creamy chocolate filling layered between light crispy crackers and topped with dark caramel!

​Ask yourself – how will you eat it? Nibble it every other day like what Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory did with his chocolate bar? Or eat it layer by layer in one sitting?

One cannot ignore the stars on top, which give the feel of festivity and celebration. That little bit of sprinkle brings a burst of life to the dessert, drawing the eye to look at it longer and giving you more time to think about how you're going to devour this indulgent combination. Get the recipe!​


Caramel Chocolate Ganashe Tart

Caramel Chocolate Ganashe Tart Recipe

Looks heavenly, smells wonderful, and tastes superb.

While other ordinary desserts say, "I love you," this caramel chocolate ganashe tart thumps its chest and ostentatiously screams, "I really love you!" Well, all girls love that flair of metrosexual bravado and confidence in their menfolk, don't they? This is why the caramel chocolate ganashe tart is the ultimate dessert to make for the woman of your dreams. Treating her to such a dessert not only shows her you roll with suave, it also shows you're a man of finesse.

Apart from its blatant charm, the dessert tart has a thing for beauty and alluring color, something you'll note when you eyeball it from a distance.​ Its decadent lusciousness makes it a must-have treat when you want to spoil your loved ones. So, go ahead and get the recipe here!


Raw Chocolate Cake

Yummy Raw Chocolate Cake With Berries Recipe

The best raw chocolate cake in the world... hear the roars of delight when your family digs into it!

Imagine it's a sunny day and you're craving chocolate cake. You have a few options. First, you can drive to the store to get some (and expose yourself to the hot sun). Second, you can bake a regular cake and have your oven heat up your house so much you're no longer hungry. Or third, you can keep it cool by grabbing some simple ingredients from your pantry and fridge, and making this deliciously simple raw chocolate cake. No oven required!

Fool your friends and confuse your enemies, but whatever you do, don't you dare bake this rich and deceptively fulfilling cake. All the ingredients in this cake are combined and consumed raw, keeping them in their original, unaltered form. Anyone who has been following the raw food trend knows it's all about "keeping it real." And thanks to this recipe you can now include dessert on the list of courses to try!


Hazelnuterella Chocolate Truffles

Hazelnuterella Chocolate Truffles Recipe

So many truffles recipes... so little time.

This is what you get when ordinary chocolate is given a makeover and suddenly becomes the belle of the ball: you now have hazelnuterella chocolate truffles. The hazelnut gives a new dimension of richness to the creamy chocolate. And like a glass slipper, it will fit snugly in your list of favorite foods.

​These hazelnuterella truffles are truly dressed to the nines with their decadent veil of cacao powder. But let's not forget the nut. Hazelnut lends so many flavors to this dessert without adding a bunch of sugar, and it's a great source of those healthy fats we need to eat too! Combine all that with the fact that chocolate is chock full of antioxidants and these truffles suddenly become even more desirable. Get the recipe here!


Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles

Homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles Recipe

One more chocolate recipe to delight your taste buds with!

Few things in life fit together as perfectly as peanut butter and chocolate. And this little truffle has the perfect combination of both. It combines the creamy goodness of peanut butter with the smooth richness of chocolate. This will surely send your taste buds on a trip to dessert heaven.

It's easy to prepare but the finished product will rival anything sold by a professional confectioner. This dish is sure to impress even the pickiest eaters and perfect for impressing the in-laws.​

You can put it on a combo platter with other truffles or serve them up on their own. Either way, it's sure to make any gathering a special occasion! Peanut butter and chocolate. That's all. Grab one and don't talk with your mouth full or you'll choke! Get the truffles recipe here!​


Chocolate Brownie Dough Balls

Chocolate Brownie Dough Balls

These will eave your guests drooling for more.

When you think of a delicious chocolate treat, brownies are probably one of the first things that come to mind. Now think about how much more convenient it would be if they were rolled up into a dough ball. Just pop one into your mouth and savor the rich, chocolaty goodness!

If you're a fan of nuts, sprinkle some on top or roll the dough balls around in it. Grab a big glass of milk to wash them all down or pour yourself a cup of coffee and take it slow. Any way you chose, these chocolate brownie dough balls will provide an excellent after-dinner treat.

Once you've made them the first time, you'll simply not be able to stop. With that said, make sure you have a gym membership because these delicious treats might go right to your gut. But don't let that stop you!​ What are you waiting for? Go whip up some chocolate brownie dough balls and get lost in their tastiness!


Chocolate Cherry Fudge

Chocolate Cherry Fudge Recipe

A fudgy chocolaty cherry delight.

If it's chocolate fudge, it's a firm and resounding, "Mmmmm…" Now add cherries on top and you have the best dessert in the world.

This is a unique dessert where the cherries get a chocolatey flavor while the fudge gets that unique fruity flavor. Enjoy this unique blend and listen to the praises pour in when you serve this dessert to your guests. Just make sure to remove the cherry seeds because the last thing you want is having pits all around the house. Get the fudge recipe here!​


Almond Chocolate Fudge

Almond Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Snack time gets fun again!

These mammoth bricks of fudge will make you wish you could build a house out of them! Each square looks like it was hewed from some mythical chocolate mountain and lovingly baked by the god of fudge.

Each square has that classic golden brown color that makes your tongue dance in anticipation. The perfect swirl of fudge on top has condensed into that perfect layer of crust that crunches just a little bit when you dig your teeth into them. Right under that is the almost molten layer of chocolaty goodness that flows with sweetness. Morsels of almond peek out here and there in each square, like hidden golden nuggets you'll search out in every bite.​

Take a big bite out of one of these pieces of fudge and feel all that flavor melt right into your mouth. Someone's going to need a tasty glass of milk after this! Get the recipe here!​


Chocolate Raspberry Fudge

Chocolate Raspberry Fudge Recipe

A yummy fudge awaits!

Bake some of these and bring them to your next family holiday gathering! Wait for the praises to pour in and know that you're loved and appreciated. Get the recipe here!


Chocolate Banana Fudge

Chocolate Banana Fudge Recipe

Another fudge to experiment with!

This chocolate banana fudge is a mouthwatering cake pie for any chocolate fan out there. In just one bite, you'll get to savor sweet bananas dipped in chocolate and bring your taste buds to life!

With a few bananas, brown sugar, and some cacao powder, you can now easily make this amazing dish to be enjoyed with friends and family. The fudge promises richness bursting right in your mouth. Get the recipe!​


Chocolate Cheesecake With Coconut, Lime And Berries

Chocolate Cheesecake With Coconut, Lime And Berries Recipe

A very pretty dessert that tastes as good as it looks!

If you ask random people if they like cheesecakes, can you guess how many would say they do? That's right. Ehh-vera-body likes cheesecake!

​Now imagine the most delicious cheesecake you've ever eaten. You're wrong if you think it doesn't get any better than that! Because this chocolate cheesecake with coconut, lime, and berries is a cut above the rest. Get the recipe!


Double Chocolate Cheesecake

Double Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

Double the goodness!

Are you regretting opening this page yet? Is your stomach hurling abuses profusely at you? I know mine is. Look at this picture closely and tell me that your mouth isn't watering.

Chocolate and cheese are two things I'm sure the dessert god made to get a kick out of greedy humans. Most of us whimper for more and get angry when there's none left. So, combine both of these ingredients and bam! It's like a taste bud explosion, a royal mouth treat, a mouth-gasm, anything!​

If you want to see the healthiest people beg in front of you, present them with a slice of chocolate cheesecake. And if you want to impress anyone, bake one yourself. It's not that difficult. Get the recipe here!​


Coconut Chocolate Cheesecake

Yummy Coconut Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

Sweet, sugary and all things nice.

Coconut, chocolate, and cheesecake all in one dessert! Can I get a "yumm?" Now you may be taken aback by the fact that these ingredients are used in a cheesecake. You may even be asking how are they're combined and balanced. But worry you not because the makers of this slice of heaven do know what they're doing.

This particular dessert oozes rich coconuty taste in a cheesecake consistency wrapped under a decadent chocolate crust. What you get is a combination of delicious tasting ingredients that come together to make the cheesecake one of a kind.​ Go ahead and tickle your taste buds with this outstanding cheesecake recipe!


Chocolate Fondant

Chocolate Fondant

Experience the molten flow of chocolate bursting with flavors as you bite into this treat!

It's chocolate fondant. Need we say more? Folks seem to love this recipe so give it a try!


Chocolate Cream Cake With Almond Toppings

Chocolate Cream Cake With Almond Toppings Recipe

Hungry yet?

Experiments are good for mankind. What if someone had never experimented with chocolates and almonds? And what if we didn't know about baking? The world would have been deprived of rich, velvety desserts that are delightful beyond words. Indeed, I'm talking about this chocolate cream cake with almond toppings. Is there any other combination that can beat this timeless classic mix of chocolate, cream, and nuts?

Imagine the taste of chocolate melting in your mouth with a smooth layer of cream sweetly interrupted by the crunch of almonds. It's an indulgence that's simply irresistible – maybe that's why it called a sinful indulgence. Get the recipe here!​


Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

Healthy ice cream... is that an oxymoron?

Have a taste of paradise when you bite into the tropical flavor of smooth coconut stacked upon a mountain of luscious chocolate ice cream. Cold. Sweet. Delicious. Treat yourself with flavor overload and forget about your diet! I mean, look at it! Who can tell that this ice cream is actually healthy?

Topped with a garnish of rich, chocolate shavings to complete its torment, the fusion of the flavors of chocolate and coconut is sure to transport you to an ice-cold mountain on even the hottest day!​

Enjoy this festive luau in your mouth. It's all you could ever want from a dessert and more. Get the recipe!​


Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream Dripped with Yummy Chocolate Spread Recipe

Another ice cream recipe coming up!

The soft, creamy, and cold texture of this dessert excites the senses of anyone who takes a small bite. Chocolate ice cream is truly the nation's most popular sweet treat.

Whether you plan to eat it on a cone or served in a bowl with many different toppings and syrup, this is one treat that will make you crave for more when you're done. The frozen cream is whipped into perfection while the chocolate adds a taste that pleases all. This ice cream can be served as a complimentary dish to a cake. Not to mention that this ice cream dish can also come in the form of a cake – now that's what you call killing two birds with one stone.

It's a great dish to have with friends or when you're in the middle of watching an extremely sad movie and don't know how to cope. Get the chocolate ice cream recipe!​


Chocolate Ice Cream Topped With Dried Mulberries

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Topped with Dried Mulberries Recipe

This is a nutrient-packed chocolate ice cream. Enjoy!

It's a hot summer day and I hear the sun is at its peak. With its intense, flaming rays scorching down from above, mortals like us struggle to move about in this weather. But right before you faint from the fiery glare of the sun, an ice cream cart shows up – one with a multitude of flavors and a whole variety of toppings. Ahh, a life saver. But the ice cream man wants $8 for a small scoop! What a preposterous proposition! What extortion!

So, with fainting spells all but forgotten, you hop home to make a tub of ice cream. Take that, you greedy ice cream seller!

If you were to combine rich chocolate, the acme of all sweets and delicacies, with luscious, milky cream, you'll soon get a mouthwatering, palatable delight: chocolate ice cream! Further decorate the ice cream with some dried and crusty mulberries, and now you have a treat to rival $8 ice creams!​

This chocolate ice cream with dried mulberries will delight the senses. Just look at it... crisp mulberries gently sprinkled over the top of the succulent, light brown ice cream. One might also place a mint leaf or cherry on the very tip of the ice cream for decoration. The cool feeling of the ice cream drizzled with the crispy mulberries that slowly bursts with flavors in your mouth creates a feeling that's almost heavenly and surreal. Such a simple desert has now turned into a high-class feast. Get the recipe!​


Chocolate Almond Butter Ice Cream

Chocolate Almond Butter Ice Cream Recipe

A tub of this is good for the soul.

This ice cream combines the sweetness of chocolate with the saltiness of almond, creating a perfect harmony of tastes. It has a rich, creamy texture, a delicious center, and melts nicely in your mouth.

You can't go wrong with this treat. I encourage you to try it. It's an incredible delight and you won't regret it. Get the recipe here!​


Chocolate Coconut Sorbet

Nutritious Chocolate Coconut Sorbet Recipe

Really easy to put together

Do you sometimes feel a little bit guilty about eating too much chocolate? Well, now you can sort of eat chocolate guilt-free with this exquisitely light chocolate coconut sorbet. And then when you console yourself that you're still eating something healthy (the coconut fruit), all remaining guilt pangs should dissipate.

Seriously, though, we all need a little treat now and then to pick us up, especially on days when everything seems to be going wrong. Besides, this sorbet is truly nutrient-packed. Get the recipe!​


Healthy Chocolate Smoothie For Breakfast

Healthy Chocolate Smoothie For Breakfast Recipe

Keep your energy levels high throughout the day with this delicious smoothie.

It's time to drop your typical morning bowl of cereal with milk and opt in for this delectable treat! This healthy chocolate smoothie for breakfast will not only satisfy your deepest cravings for chocolate, but also provide you with a fresh and healthy start to the rest of your day.

No longer do you have to feel guilty about sneaking some extra chocolate into your regular diet. Instead, add more chocolate without worrying about packing on that extra weight with this beverage. Get the smoothie recipe!​


Creamy Chocolate Porridge

Creamy Chocolate Porridge Recipe

Yes, we eat chocolate for breakfast.

The traditional oatmeal with brown sugar looks like sloppy second next to this creamy chocolate porridge. Besides, there's nothing better than the smell of chocolate in the morning! Whole grains, milk, and chocolate: it's like then grown-up version of Coco Puffs cereal.

If you're going to have chocolate for breakfast, you might as well go all in. Maybe mix in chocolate milk instead of fresh milk? Add a huge dollop of Nutella? Oh, of course you can add some fresh fruit like bananas or strawberries on top. That way, you can still feel like you're getting your daily intake of nutrients. (Good job!)

But then again, cacao has tons of nutritional benefits so you really have no reason to feel guilty. The great part about porridge is that it's quite filling too – so there won't be cravings for third helpings! Seriously, Goldilocks would have left the breakfast table with no complaints if her porridge tasted as good as this. Get the chocolate porridge recipe!​


Chocolate Explosion

Chocolate Explosion Recipe

An explosion of flavors in your mouth!

Chocolate Explosion definition: A delicious swirl of rich, creamy chocolate mixed with freshly-skinned grapes, juicy pink raspberries, and decorated with a few mint leaves. Perfect for broken hearts and mortals with a sweet tooth. Get the recipe here!


Chia Seeds And Quinoa Chocolate Pudding

Chia Seeds and Quinoa Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Made with love

Here's an age old question: How do you get all the healthy stuff in your diet but still get your chocolate fix? This chia seeds and quinoa chocolate pudding answers that for you. Quinoa is loaded with protein and adding chia seeds only increases the health factor of this dish. The slightly nutty taste of the quinoa further enhances the decadence of chocolate.

Now think about all the times you served up healthy dishes to your family only to have them turn their noses up at them. Chia seeds and quinoa chocolate pudding is once again your answer. Who would reject a bowl of this? Definitely not your picky two year old whom you have to airplane feed. And not your husband who would never touch any dish as long as "quinoa" is mentioned. They will never know and they won't care as they fill up on this yummy dessert. Bonus idea: use it as a bribe. No dinner, no dessert. That's what I do. Get the recipe!​


Chocolate Tahini Smoothie

Chocolate Tahini Smoothie Recipe

Made from ground hulled toasted sesame seeds

When you think of a smoothie that's relatively healthy, chocolate probably doesn't have anything to do with it. However, this chocolate tahini smoothie has everything to do with it. This delicious smoothie will not only fill you up but energize you for hours.

Tahini is a great source of calcium and protein, and also rich in many minerals and everyday essentials. Although the description of this drink is beginning to sound like a disgusting health smoothie, it's not. Get the recipe here!​


Chocolate Oats For Breakfast

Chocolate Oats for Breakfast Recipe

Start your mornings on the right foot with this chocolaty dish!

Anyone who has skipped breakfast will tell you that you'll be a cranky space cadet by the time it's finally lunchtime. So, for the sake of your own sanity and everyone else's around you, take a quick moment to eat something healthy in the morning. It can be as easy as eating oatmeal, you know? Especially if it's chocolate oats you're loading up on!

Imagine a bowl of warm, fiber-rich oatmeal blended with dark chocolates and a hint of vanilla. And as if that isn't enough fanciness for one morning, these oats go the extra mile with fresh cherry slices and extra-dark chocolate nibs as toppings. This breakfast dish is guaranteed to make you look forward to going to bed just so you can wake up and eat it. Get the recipe here!​


Crunchy Chocolate Crackers

Crunchy Chocolate Crackers

Makes a wonderful teatime snack or after-dinner treat.

These crunchy chocolate crackers are a mishmash of crunchy on the outside and creamy and chewy on the inside, which is a splendid combination of cookies and cake all in one! A quick bite into the cracker will satiate your palate. Get the recipe!


Chewy Chocolate Bars

Chewy Chocolate Bars Recipe

Something bright and beautiful for your afternoon teatime snack!

Do you love your chocolates? Do you love your fruits? If so, you'll love these chewy chocolate bars crammed with delicious fruit! There's just something about this dessert that keeps us coming back for more. It's also fantastic as a quick snack for a much needed energy boost and the perfect size to pop into your child's lunch bag.

Have a go at making these incredible chocolate bars. It's a simple tray bake recipe but the taste is out of this world. Click here for the recipe!


Chocolate Fondue

Homemade Chocolate Fondue Recipe

A dish full of bliss...

There's nothing quite as self-indulgent as dipping something sweet or salty into the warm embrace of chocolate fondue.

If you're not a fan of strawberries or grapes, then maybe try dipping fresh pineapples chunks, sliced bananas, or maybe even some candied ginger into your fondue. Hmm... or maybe some cubed pound cake, biscotti, or marshmallows. The choice is only limited by your imagination. I already know what I'm having for dessert tonight! Get the recipe!​


Chocolate Mendiants

Delicious Chocolate Mendiants Recipe

Crunchy and oh-so-good!

Imagine being able to pair your favorite kind of chocolate (dark, white, or milk) with your favorite types of toppings (raisins, almonds, strawberries, or orange peel) in bite-size disks. Chocolate mendiants, which are simply tempered chocolate disks with any variety of fruit and nut toppings, allow you to do just that.

Created by the French, these chocolate disks were originally studded with raisins, hazelnuts, dried figs, and almonds to represent the four monastic orders. But these days, many varieties of fruits and nuts are used in mendiants now, and this gives you a good opportunity to get creative!​

The best part is these mendiants are actually quite easy to make. All you need to do is temper some chocolate, pipe a few disks onto a baking sheet, and allow them to set. Serve immediately or refrigerate if you want to store them for a while. Get the recipe here!​


Cacao And Banana Smoothie

Cacao and Banana Smoothie Recipe

Another smoothie recipe to get creative with!

Banana smoothie too heavy for you? Cacao smoothie too boring? So, what about making a unique mix and calling it cacao and banana smoothie? And what can be better than gulping down this unique healthy concoction early in the morning just before you leave for the day? Get the recipe here!


Maca And Chocolate Smoothie

Healthy Maca and Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

You can now make a rich, sweet, and creamy maca and chocolate smoothie from home!

If you're looking for a cool treat with a unique punch, then you should try this maca and chocolate smoothie. It's simple to prepare for an on-the-go or at home treat, and many satisfying health benefits can be experienced with every sip.

The mixture of ingredients for this smoothie can be customized to fit your diet. You can add your favorite berries, protein powders, sweeteners, and much more! This can be extremely helpful if you're calculating calories or macro-nutrients to be consumed daily. Get the recipe!​


Chocolate Pecan Banana Smoothie

Chocolate Pecan Banana Smoothie Recipe

Here's a simple and delicious concoction to try out from home!

This is the perfect Fall sugar binge. The leaves are falling, the weather is crisp, and your sweet tooth is on fire! After a long day at work, this is the drink to come home to. It's the ultimate shake. It's easy to picture sitting on a deck, enjoying the breeze and fall foliage, reading a nice novel, and sipping this season-themed drink. And who wouldn't want to surprise kids in Halloween costumes with a shake like this to-go? You're going be the most popular house in the neighborhood! Get the recipe!


Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie Recipe

Pretty in pink

This easy-to-make smoothie offers the perfect balance of healthy and scrumptious for anyone with a sweet tooth trying to watch their waistline without sacrificing their taste buds. With a perfect blend of rich, decadent milk chocolate and the sweet and sour bite of fresh raspberries (a combination quite heavenly), it's almost impossible to have just one small glass. That's completely okay, though, because something this delicious can be and is really good for you!

Raspberries alone promote healthy weight loss while chocolate is especially good for taking the blues away. The absolute best part (aside from the obviously great taste of chocolate mingling with raspberries) is that this is a simple but perfect chilled drink to have while enjoying the last warm days of summer with family and friends. What's not to love about that?​

For the die-hard chocolate enthusiast, consider replacing the classic milk chocolate with mouthwatering dark chocolate for an added kick of flavor and even more health benefits.​ Get the smoothie recipe!


Almond Chocolate Granola Shake

Almond Chocolate Granola Shake Recipe

Perfect for those hectic mornings when there’s no time to sit down for a meal.

Delight your sweet tooth with this creamy, chocolate shake. It's probably a bit nutty, but that's the way we like it. Topped with crunchy granola for a great texture contrast, it packs a mean, protein punch.

Go ahead! Enjoy it. This is one treat you just can't pass up. Try it. Like it. Love it. Become an addict! Don't worry, chocolate isn't illegal. Come get the recipe here!​


Almond Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Almond and Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Recipe

A drink to warm you up on cold days.

Ah, hot chocolate. The perfect beverage for those cold, rainy days where nothing seems to be able to warm you up no matter what you do. Nothing could be better than snuggling under a blanket with your favorite book, and having a steaming cup of hot almond cinnamon chocolate close by. Book. Almond. Cinnamon. Hot chocolate. Possibly the four best ingredients in the world combined into one moment of bliss. Get the recipe here!


Cherry And Chocolate Smoothie

Cherry and Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Deliciously healthy

Cherry and chocolate, chocolate and cherry... it doesn't matter how you say it – it all sounds good to me. It gets even better when you combine the two ingredients into one delicious cherry and chocolate smoothie. The beverage is sure to tantalize your taste buds as delightful flavors dance on your tongue like sugar plum fairies and then free-fall to your tummy where they'll soothe the savage chocolate craving beast. Get the recipe!


Almond And Chocolate Mocha

Almond and Chocolate Mocha Recipe

Makes a great breakfast drink!

The crunch of almonds swirled down with a sip of hot chocolate mocha – what could be more heavenly than that? Get the recipe here!


Chocolate Coconut Cocktail

Chocolate and Coconut Cocktail Recipe

A simple cocktail blend for the perfect after-dinner treat.

This chocolate coconut cocktail is sure to make your taste buds come alive and sing for joy. Enjoy this wonderful cocktail that's made with chocolate, chocolate-flavored liquor, coconut-flavored yogurt, a dash of rum, and topped with some sweet crème de cacao and candy sprinkles. This is one drink that will be in short supply when your thirsty guests get wind of it. It's a real party favorite! So, turn the glass bottoms up, let your hair down, and let the good times roll. And roll they will! Get the recipe here!

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