33 Creative Food Art Ideas to Get Picky Children to Eat Their Meals (Recipes Included!)

Chili clown food art

Well... ok, cucumbers and eggplants are all fine and dandy but I certainly don't advise eating that many red chilies at one go.

Building from my previous bento lunch box ideas post, I've decided to take things one step further today and show you even more creative ways to make food come alive.

As you know, some children are picky eaters. But with food that looks as fun as the crazy clown you see above, you'll be able to get them to eat their peas and vegetables in peace.

To help you out, here are 33 recipes inspired by some amazing food art pictures. There are so many ways you can play with food and my step-by-step recipes are easy to follow. As a bonus, these dishes don't require exotic tools to re-create too.

I'm not sure if these dishes are solely meant to bribe children into eating their fruits and vegetables, though. The last time someone saw one of the following dishes on my kitchen counter-top, he had to whip out his phone to snap pictures of it while ooh-ing and ahh-ing over bananas. The thing is, he doesn't even like eating bananas.

Since this banana dish has won the approval of both children and adults alike, it shall be the first one I present here. I've named it "Bananas in Love" and I'd love to hear what you think about it!



The Bananas In Love Fruit Platter

Bananas in Love fruit Platter

Presenting the Bananas in Love fruit Platter!

First on the list is a dish that doesn't require any funny-sounding ingredients. Bananas? Check. Pomegranate seeds? Check. But what are those things I've used for the eyes? Well, yes, it's some kind of berry. You can use raisins instead of berries, though.

I enjoy how the colors of different fruits come together in this platter. However, bananas tend to turn brown quickly, so make sure to only use fresh bananas for flavor and sweetness. There's also an interesting "food hack" that I'd read about recently… Apparently, you can keep bananas fresher for longer by separating them and wrapping each individual stem with a cling wrap/plastic wrap.

I've never tried this trick so I'm not too sure if it works. But still, it's an interesting idea to explore. And since science says that it works, then it wouldn't hurt to give this method a try. Much of the science behind this concept has to do with bananas releasing ethylene gas from their stems naturally. So, by wrapping up the stems, you'll be slowing down enzymatic browning and ripening of your fruits. What do you think?

If you'd like to get ahold of the recipe out for your easy reference, just click over to this link.


Deviled Egg Chicks With Candy Eggs

Easter deviled egg chicks with candy eggs

Easter deviled egg chicks with candy eggs

Looking at this dish, I'm suddenly reminded of a hilarious poem called, "Last Night I Dreamed of Chickens" by Jack Prelutsky. This is how it goes:

Last night I dreamed of chickens,
there were chickens everywhere,
they were standing on my stomach,
they were nesting in my hair,
they were pecking at my pillow,
they were hopping on my head,
they were ruffling up their feathers
as they raced about my bed.

They were on the chairs and tables,
they were on the chandeliers,
they were roosting in the corners,
they were clucking in my ears,
there were chickens, chickens, chickens
for as far as I could see…
when I woke today, I noticed
there were eggs on top of me.
– Jack Prelutsky

Alright, enough of this chicken business. Let's get down to the recipe!


Crab-Shaped Pasta

Easy to make crab-shaped pasta

Easy to make crab-shaped pasta

When it comes to pasta, anything goes. You can toss in some corn and shredded carrots for added colors or use whole wheat pasta for a healthier meal. Although I used traditional pasta sauce in my recipe, you're free to use any other sauce to your liking. Even strawberry jam works — it all depends on your children’s likes and dislikes.

I appreciate how a simple pasta dish can transform into something so unique with just a little food arrangement and some ingenuity. Of course, I don't take credit for inventing this dish. A lot of my food ideas were inspired by prowling the web (especially Pinterest) for inspiration.

So, if you want to see what other people have done with food, be sure to follow my Food Art board. Being a very visual-oriented platform, a lot of foodies have taken to Pinterest where they've so generously shared their many interesting takes on food.

Click here to read the pasta recipe.


Dragonfly-Shaped Pasta

Dragonfly-shaped pasta

It's a bird! It's a bee! No, it's a dragonfly!

Pasta is such a versatile food and it goes well with almost any kind of sauce. It doesn't take ages to cook and the best thing is all children seem to love it. If you want to add an interesting twist to this dish, try using rainbow hair pasta or even some zany-looking rainbow bow-tie pasta (both conveniently sold through Amazon). While these rainbow-colored pasta aren't necessary, they certainly help keep things interesting.

Anyway, the next few pictures are all going to be animal-shaped pastas any child would squeal in joy over. Let's see… I've already shown you the crab and now this dragonfly… So, what else is left? How about a cow, monkey, or centipede? Yes, really, a centipede (or whatever that thing happens to be). It's my personal favorite out of the five pasta dishes in this list.

Click here to get the recipe.


Monkey-Shaped Pasta

Monkey-shaped pasta

Mr. Monkey seems to be missing some teeth

Mr. Monkey's a smoker, which explains why his teeth are yellow and why some of them have fallen off. A great way to warn your children about the dangers of smoking, this monkey-shaped pasta is guaranteed to brighten any child's day.

In this recipe, I used kidney beans to make Mr. Monkey a hat. If you don't have kidney beans on hand, feel free to use canned baked beans or even some seaweed for hair. Minced beef or chicken work well too, and as a bonus, they add much needed protein into the dish.

Make the ears big and flappy like Dumbo the Elephant or turn Mr. Monkey into a lady with some earrings made out of shredded carrots and corn — the possibilities are endless!

So, what are you waiting for? Click here for the recipe.


The Moo Moo Cow-Shaped Pasta

Cow-shaped Pasta

This has been a big hit in my household.

Similar to the monkey-shaped pasta above, this colorful dish employs the use of spaghetti, peas, and corn. It's a great dish to make when you want your children to eat their veggies with a smile on their faces. When serving this dish, remember to include a glass of milk for a complete cow experience.

If your children are not particularly taken with corn or peas, you can swap those out for scrambled eggs or carrots. And instead of using nuts as fillings for the cow's face, you can use minced meat for much needed protein. If you find the dish lacking in sauce, just pour some Prego sauce or mushroom soup onto the spaghetti.

This is a great dish to make even if you’re not too creative in the kitchen. The most important thing is for everyone to enjoy their meals and what better way to do so than by eating a cow for lunch?

Here's the link to the recipe.


Centipede-Shaped Pasta

Centipede-shaped pasta

Centipedes are gross. But they make lovable lunchtime dishes.

Have you ever been attacked by a Hawaiian centipede? Those creepy crawlies are disgusting and should have never survived the ice age. They're aggressive, colorful for all the wrong reasons (nobody goes centipede watching for fun), and their stings hurt.

If your children have nightmares about centipedes, you probably don't want to serve them this dish. However, if you have a brave, little tyke on your hands who's into nature, reads National Geographic for fun, boasts about his survival skills learned from Boy Scout camps, and loves everything to do with spiders, slugs, and ringworms, then he's going to love the idea of eating a centipede for lunch.

Click here to get this recipe. Warning: Not for the faint-hearted!

P.S. In the recipe, I've included instructions on how to make cucumber spirals (which you'll need to do in order to complete the centipede's body). Don't worry, it's not rocket science and anyone can do it.


Racer Egg In A Brown Baguette Car

Racer Egg In Brown Baguette Car

Don't let this little guy ride off too quickly before your children get a taste

Whenever I see this picture, I immediately wonder, "Is that egg a guy or girl?" Some may argue it's a girl, since she has a pinkish radish hat and heavy eye makeup. Others claim it's a guy… since, of course, only men smoke green rolled-up chives while cruising down the street in a brown, baguette car.

What I like about this breakfast dish is the simplicity of it. With just a roll of bread, a hardboiled egg, cheese, and some chives and radishes, you can now create a beautiful, eye-catching meal.

If time permits in the morning, you can heat up some cream of mushroom soup to serve alongside this bread and egg dish. And if you don't have radishes in your kitchen, you can swap those out for sliced tomatoes. You can also butter the insides of the baguette for some added flavor.

Vegetables, carbs, protein, and lots of smiling faces — what more could you ask for out of a dish?

Click here for the full recipe.


Creepy Frog King Sandwich

Frog king sandwich

The return of the Frog King

The only thing scarier than eating a centipede for lunch is perhaps staring into the bulging, red eyes of a confused frog. This King of Frogs sandwich has a cucumber crown and yellow corn teeth. It's also full of colors, uses a bunch of healthy ingredients, and makes a great conversation starter.

Eating this sandwich may get a little time-consuming. We have to first eat the eyes off, followed by the yellow corn and the cucumber crown, before biting into the bread. If all that sounds like too much work for sandwich-eating, then think again! Because what better way to trick little children into eating their veggies than by playing a game called, "Killing the evil Frog King one eye at a time"? And before you know it, your kids will be happily munching through their healthy sandwich meals with smiles on their faces and laughter rippling through the dining room.

If you need help putting the dish together, please click here for my recipe.


Crazy Monkey Sandwich

Crazy monkey sandwich

Here's another animal made into a sandwich

If frogs are not your thing, you could perhaps make a crazy-looking monkey sandwich for lunch. It's interesting to see what you can create out of bits and pieces of food when you let your imagination run wild.

So, instead of hair made out of grapes, how about swapping those out for some straggly seaweed? Or if your child dislikes seaweed, how about including mashed potatoes with sour cream instead? Making meal times fun is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the different varieties of food.

I have a general house rule where children should eat a bite of everything that’s presented on a plate. Since children are known to be picky eaters, this rule has helped them discover how different foods taste. Sometimes, they also discover foods they like but would have otherwise not tried were it not for my special rule in place.

If you want this recipe, just click over to this link.


Dog-Shaped Sandwich

Dog-shaped ham and cheese sandwich

Finally something that doesn't look crazed, gross, confused, or disgusting.

I know this list started off nicely with two swan-wannabes kissing in a sea of pomegranate seeds before it deviated into the crazy world of creepy-crawlies, Frog Kings, and a confused monkey. However, with the introduction of this lovable puppy sandwich, things are most certainly back to normal.

Re-creating this dish requires some snappy knife skills. So, if you're not good with a knife, be sure to keep some extra ham and salami slices on hand. If you don't have salami slices in your pantry, you can always substitute that with ham. Either way works.

And if you have some time, consider toasting the bread too since doing so will give the sandwich an extra crunch. Be sure to spread strawberry jam or peanut butter onto the bread slice for an added mouthful of flavor before layering a piece of cheese on it.

Here’s where you can get this recipe.


Monkey See... Monkey Do...

Monkey-shape ham and cheese sandwich

Another ham and cheese sandwich idea

A simple and fun treat any child will enjoy, this sandwich serves as a cheerful reminder that spider monkeys, woolly monkeys, and capuchin monkeys use their prehensile tails to swing from tree to tree. Baboons, on the other hand, only swing with their hands since they have non-prehensile tails.

Of course, monkeys don't have red lips, nor do they wear any sort of lipstick. But all-in-all, I think this sandwich is a great way to teach children about animals. For example, did you know black-headed spider monkeys are now highly endangered animals?

We see them in zoos and they annoy us to no end at nature parks. But when certain monkey species are dying out due to human beings destroying tropical rainforests for profit, it makes us take a step back to reflect on the consequences of our actions and how the world will be without any greenery.

Click here for the complete recipe.


Rabbit-Shaped Sandwich

Musician rabbit ham and cheese sandwich

Is that you, Bugs Bunny?

I love the idea behind this sandwich since it combines two of my favorite things: food and music! I can just imagine Mr. Bunny strumming on an old guitar while nibbling on a crunchy carrot as he lazes the day away at Grimmway Farms. (For those who don’t know, Grimmway is the largest producer of carrots in the USA. The farm is headquartered in Bakersfield, California, which is also the biggest carrot-producing state.)

Using salami will add a dash of red to this sandwich and I like how salami has been used as paddings for the rabbit’s legs. A really smart idea, if I can say so myself! Now, this doesn’t mean you should skip on this dish if you don't have salami in your kitchen. You could always substitute with ketchup, strawberry jam, or even peanut butter to complete the idea of Mr. Bunny rolling about on a farm. (Hence his dirty, soiled, and brownish feet.)

Head over here for the recipe.


Cat-Shaped Sandwich

Cat-shaped ham and cheese

Enjoy this furry and meaty friend as he brings a little slice of energy and life to snack time!

If you want to create an animal inspired sandwich that’s not as time-consuming as the musician rabbit one above, then this cat-shaped sandwich may be what you're looking for. It uses the same ingredients as the rest of the sandwiches I've shown you thus far. And if you happen to have five children, you can make one of each sandwich for all of them!

What I like about this cat is the use of salami slices to give it a furry look. And while I'm sure your kids will enjoy seeing something like that in their school lunch boxes, be sure to secure the pieces properly or risk your carefully prepared meal ending up in a mess by the time it's ready to be eaten. You can try "gluing" the pieces together with honey or even sticking the pieces together with raw spaghetti sticks (these will soften by lunchtime).

If you need help putting the cat sandwich together, I've got you covered.


Berry Yummy Pancakes

Berry yummy pancakes

Berry yummy pancakes

This lovable bear is sugary, sweet, and all things nice. You can enjoy the dish on its own (see my recipe) or pour some honey on the pancakes for a complete bear-loving experience.

It's a treat to have in the mornings and a fancy griddle is not needed for cooking perfect pancakes. A frying pan will work just fine. The downside to using a frying pan, however, is being only able to make 1 or 2 pancakes at a time.

But if you've got the chops for multitasking, I don't see you shouldn’t fire up another pan to cook all your pancakes at one go. Just be sure to time your cooking properly since we don't want the pancakes to end up black and uneatable.

Yes, I know this dish is supposed to look like a bear… But a black bear that's no longer edible? Ugh… I think most people would pass on that.


Flags Of The World Sandwiches

Sandwiches of different flags

How many countries can you name from these flags?

Here's a fantastic way to teach your children the flags of various countries over an enjoyable breakfast session. You can use these sandwiches to broach the topic of World War II, where every country here played a major role. Or you can use these flag sandwiches as inspiration for a fun activity to do with your children.

It will be so much fun pouring over a Flags of the World picture book while re-creating flags through ingredients you already have in your pantry. No matter where your travels may take you, with a little creativity, any flag of any country can be created and made edible.

A short glance at the picture above will tell you we'll be making use of ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, peas, and corn. So, in order to make your sandwiches delicious, remember to spice the chopped ingredients up with some salt and pepper, or you can even toss them in olive oil for an extra burst of flavor.

If you'd like some ideas on the types of dressings you can use, be sure to click over to my recipe.


Turtle-Shaped Sandwich

Turtle-shaped salad

Turtle-shaped salad

Looking at this adorable turtle sprawled on a bed of leafy greens, I immediately think of newly-hatched turtles making their way across the sand and into the sea. While it's easy to just sit back and admire the aesthetics of this salad dish, why not take a few moments to also educate your children about the animal?

For example, a turtle's diet is mostly made up of vegetables such as algae. However, turtles aren't herbivores since they're known to eat insects and crustaceans too. Therefore, turtles are omnivores.

As your children partake in their meals, allow them to think about how turtles can no longer be easily found in the wild. Almost every turtle species is endangered and if they'd like to see a live one for themselves, a quick trip to the zoo some time in the future may very well be in place.

Here's another fun fact: Did you know that turtles, apart from being omnivores, are also reptiles? That's right… turtles are reptiles but they're often wrongly thought to be amphibians.

Now, as much as I love animals, I'm not going to turn this page into a science lesson about turtles. Coming back to this turtle-shaped salad, you'll be pleased to know that it's so easy to make and can be put together in just a matter of minutes.

Click here for the recipe.


Teddy Bear Dish

Healthy bear-shaped meal

Bears make a fun conversation topic for children who love snuggling with their favorite teddies or spending time outdoors.​

This little bear looks very smart with his bow tie, which makes sense since bears are essentially very smart animals. They've been known to roll large rocks into traps to set them off in order to eat bait left by hunters. They can also stand on their hind legs and walk like human beings for short distances, explaining why some native American tribes refer to them as the "beast that walks like man."

Although bears live in the woods, most people don't know what bears and trees have in common. Similar to cutting down a tree and counting the rings around the stump to tell its age, you can also accurately tell how old a bear is by looking at the cross section from the root of its teeth and counting the rings present under a microscope!

In the midst of summer fun, while the kids are playing outside, prepare this wonderful little guy for their lunch to add to their enjoyment. This dish is a great way to talk to your children about bear safety, as well as how they can keep themselves safe from other large animals as they go tumbling through the woods.


Pretty Cow Sandwich

Friendly Cow Sandwich

This little friend will make coming home from school a treat. Pair this with a glass of milk for a great cow themed meal!

This sandwich serves as a great conversation starter for children, helping them learn about where food comes from before it reaches our grocery stores. Since farming is often the furthest thing from our minds as we cook up and serve our delicious daily meals, using this dish to broach the topic can really lead to some interesting discussions at the dining table.

For instance, the most popular species of cow that we all know of is the black and white spotted one, which is otherwise known as the Holstein cow. The spots on Holstein cows are like fingerprints and no two cows are exactly the same.

And while many people are already familiar with the debate about whether a tomato is a fruit or vegetable, it's rather interesting to note that the olives that make up this cow’s eyes are actually a type of fruit. Other fruits that are often mistaken for vegetables include artichokes and cucumbers.

As your children munch through their lunches, open their eyes to the world we live in and teach them how to appreciate the beauty of nature through the foods you prepare.

Get the sandwich recipe here.


Crab-Shaped Sandwich

Crab-shaped sandwich

Not to worry if you have shellfish allergies: this crab sandwich is mostly all ham.

Sporting a goofy smile and silly lopsided eyes, this cold-cut crustacean is sure to delight children of all ages. With claws made out of cherry tomatoes, you can be assured that this is one crab that won't pinch you when you pick it up.

Whether you enjoy eating crabs or not, this cute sandwich offers a great introduction to this often misunderstood sideways-walking critter. For example, did you know that a crab's pincers aren't just for protection or hunting? By waving them in the air, or drumming them on the ground, crabs use their pincers to also communicate — although they usually do so in order to warn that there will be a fight if you get any closer!

And did you know that crabs actually have short tails? No, that tomato sticking out in the front of the sandwich is not a tongue. They're difficult to see, mostly hidden under the abdomen, but crabs do have tails. Other so-called "crabs" such as the hermit crab and king crab are tail-less, and are therefore not really crabs at all! We learn something new everyday, don't we?

Get the recipe here.


Frog-Shaped Sandwich

Funny frog sandwich

This funny frog sandwich offers any little one (or grown-up) the chance to enjoy a fun, healthy meal.

From flaming red to bright orange, electric blue and dazzling green, frogs can be found in all sorts of colors. Some are poisonous, while others are harmless. And no matter which parts of the world they live in, frogs are known to make sounds that are amusing to all. Rrrrr-bit!

Although this sandwich doesn’t look exactly like a real frog (no one would want to eat a sandwich that does), it captures all the froggy features that we know and love. From the big eyes to the long tongue, this sandwich has so much going for it.

The healthy ingredients found in the sandwich also makes it a great lunchtime treat for children who are excited to have food that looks as good as it tastes. When you create this sandwich, you'll bring a bit of fun into your child's day and you'll help them feel excited about the meal that’s before them.

Kissing this frog might not turn it into a prince, but eating this healthy sandwich will help little boys and girls grow up strong and healthy.

Get the recipe.


Happy And Sad Sandwiches

Happy and sad sandwiches

​Go ahead and ask your little one what made him happy or sad today.

What a unique way to get your child to tell you how their day at school went. Was it a happy day? A sad day? A boring day? Or a superb one? No matter how the day went, these sandwiches are sure to bring a smile.

Many children below the age of 10 love telling mommy about everything that’s going on in their lives. But what about the older kids? Those tweenagers who now seem to be in a world of their own (but not quite mature enough to handle real-world issues) often clam up when they don't think mommy or daddy understands. With these sandwiches, you'll help bring out the child in them again.

You can get your children to make sandwiches for lunch and get them to decorate their sandwich with a face. Then, see what kind of expressions they've created! Take a few moments to talk to them about how their day went and then dig in together to enjoy this special lunch treat.

If you'd like to give your kids a step-by-step recipe to follow, you can get it here.


Swaying Trees Fruit Platter

Creative fruit dessert - Swaying Trees

Bring a taste of tropical paradise to your table with the swaying trees fruit platter.

Fun, festive, and fabulously easy… this fruit platter is sure to become a staple in your summer get-togethers! After all, who can resist the appeal of palm trees swaying gracefully in the balmy summer breeze? Who can resist those sweet summer fruits? Give it a try — you might just end up being the star of the night!

Every parent knows the feeling. You put out fruit bowls, veggie trays, and even fresh, homemade after-school snacks lovingly prepared with organic ingredients only to have little eyes honing in on the least healthy things in sight: candy. Well, it's time you beat the junk-food gremlins at their own game!

With low-cost ingredients, minimal prep time, and no cooking, you can give healthy treats a makeover and a fun new look that your kids will love. We challenge any cartoon-clad candy wrapper to beat the eye-catching appeal this fruit platter has to offer.

Click here to get the super simple recipe.


Butterfly Fruit Platter

Creative fruit dessert - Butterfly

Perfect for parties or baby showers

Since most children love the idea of butterflies fluttering around the meadows, it's time to create a whole story out of this dish to entice your children into eating their fruits.

For example, you can tell them about butterfly houses that are full of pretty butterflies from all over the world. You can also tell them how a butterfly first started life as a caterpillar, and that caterpillars eat lots of green leaves (and so encouraging them to eat the kiwi fruit on the platter). Encourage them to eat the bananas and oranges by telling them that all butterflies love eating bananas and oranges too — which is very true, by the way.

The use of the lemon is a clever idea. Children love to interact with their food and they can be encouraged to squeeze the lemon over the bananas. Did you know that this stops bananas from going brown? It's also a great way to add some tanginess to the dish. The tang of the lemon plus the sweetness of the bananas really complement each other.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for putting this dish together!


Crazy Bear Sandwich

Another crazy bear sandwich

This bear shaped sandwich is easy to make and oh-so-delicious!

Made from a round, wheat bun cut right down the center, this sandwich is full of yummy fiber. Delicious baby carrots make the ears pop as they poke out behind the silly bear's head, and the beautiful, gigantic eyes are made from boiled eggs cut into cross sections. The bear's nose is made from an olive, so that it's dark and shiny, just like a real bear!

The most expressive part of this sandwich is the bear's goofy grin. The baby carrot teeth rest lightly between the two pieces of bread to show a happy, healthy smile that will make any child squeal with joy. The tongue is made from a thick slice of organic ham sticking out in a contorted pose to show how silly the bear can be. The ham will provide just the right amount of protein to the child's tummy so that he or she can run around all day without having to consume sugary, unhealthy drinks. And to top all that off, there's also a little bit veggie from the little sprouts of hair on the bear's head!

No matter how picky your child is, there’s no way they will be able to resist this fun meal!

Get the recipe!


A Blended Family Of Sandwiches

Crazy family sandwiches

My crazy family

Teach your child about family and what it means to you with a quick and easy meal. For example, in America, forty percent of families today are step families, and around one third of all weddings in the country form step families. You can show your child what a happy, blended family looks like and teach them that not all families are conventional.

Do you have children who can’t get along with each other? If so, sit them down to lunch and have them eat these crazy family sandwiches as you feed them with interesting trivia about the importance of getting along with a sibling.

For instance, siblings who get along with each other tend to grow up and have healthier marriages. Since siblings spend 33% of their lives together by the time they're eleven, it's important they learn to chug along as a team or risk spending a third of their lives in misery!

Get the sandwich recipe here.


Friendly Lioness Sandwich

Friendly lioness sandwich

Looking for a cute way to get your kids to eat healthier? Try this friendly lioness sandwich!

Not only is this sandwich an easy way to get your children the nutrition they need to grow strong, this sandwich offers an educational lesson. Teach your kids about all kinds of topics, from the way ecosystems work within natural habitats to the unique way that lions hunt.

Some lessons you can teach your kids include what the African Savannah looks like and what types of animals live there, including this friendly lioness. Talk to them about predator versus prey relationships in the wild and how female lions are primarily responsible for feeding the pride.

This sandwich can also be a good introduction to a screening of the Lion King, which will in turn function as a potential introduction to the world of Broadway musicals and musical theater.

Of course, you shouldn't forget to use this sandwich to teach your kids about adopting a healthy lifestyle. Take each component of the sandwich and explain to your kids what’s healthy about it and why they should be eating it. Introducing children to healthy eating early on has been shown to increase their health and activity levels over the course of the rest of their lives!

Finally, let your kids know how active lions are on a daily basis and encourage them to run outside and play like a lion cub in the sunshine!

Learn how to put this sandwich together.


Creepy Frog Sandwich

Creepy frog sandwich

This looks like Kermit the frog.

Generally, when we think of frogs, we think of green, lumpy-bumpy creatures. They eat flies and have long tongues. They hop from lily pad to lily pad and often live in creepy swamps. However, there are many interesting things to note about frogs.

For example, not all frogs are green. Some are blue, while many others are red, black, yellow, or orange. There's even a translucent frog called the Glass Frog or Centrolenella colymbiphyllum, which has skin clear enough to see its insides.

Frogs are similar to snakes in that they shed their skin. However, unlike a snake, a frog will eat its skin after its been shed in order to supplement for the nutrients lost.

A group of cows is called a heard, and a group of fish is called a school. Interestingly, a group of frogs is called an army. Some frogs are dangerous in that they can carry disease or produce toxins on their skin that can make people very sick. Some frogs have toxins that are so dangerous, they can kill anyone who touches the skin.

Indeed, food is delicious. But it can also serve as a fun, entertaining, and educational tool to broaden your children’s general knowledge.


Messy Wizard Kid Sandwich

Sandwich - Messy little wizard kid

A Harry Potter fan would love this little wizard kid.

Kids of all ages love magic and parents of quizzical children often set out to embrace their children’s interests through whatever means they can. Luckily, you can now easily turn lunch time into imagination time with this messy wizard kid sandwich.

If the kids dream about visiting faraway worlds where they're destined to become heroes, then this sandwich will certainly be a huge hit. Future warlocks and witches will love being served a whimsical treat complete with a ginger-haired wizard, tomato inspired wand, and their favorite healthy snacks.

While not all wizards are carrot-topped, any hungry budding magician will appreciate this fun sandwich. And now, instead of pleading with your picky eaters to eat their lunch, you can sit back and watch your kids use their magical powers to make this sandwich disappear in just a few bites.

Get the recipe.


Floppy-Ears Easter Bunny Sandwich

Easter bunny sandwich

This pastel colored Easter bunny sandwich is sure to be appealing to even children with finicky appetites.

With it's fun style, this sandwich has a lot in common with a type of food art that’s hugely popular in Japan – Bento art (perhaps best described as lunchbox art in Western culture). Bento lunch box meals often include cutesy characters from video games or cartoons, and thanks to the Internet, these creations have now gained popularity across the globe.

Food art can be a great way to get children involved in food preparation. It also serves as a creative activity to help encourage their imagination. Although some food art dishes can get needlessly complicated, this Easter bunny sandwich is simple enough that it should be fun for children to prepare without frustration. It’s something that’s easily replicable for parties and other Easter themed events too.

As a great addition at any Easter party, this sandwich can help to spark a discussion about the connection between the Easter bunny and the holiday itself. For instance, the Easter bunny is a character that originated in Germanic folklore, notably first described as an Easter hare in a German book written in 1682. Just like with Santa Claus, the Easter bunny was said to bring treats to well-behaved children, some of which were Easter eggs.

The appearance of the Easter bunny has evolved throughout the years, sometimes even wearing clothes. This anthropomorphic quality has no doubt helped to indicate the Easter bunny’s increased intelligence as compared to the average rabbit.

Get the bunny sandwich recipe here.


Another Easter Bunny Sandwich

Easter bunny sandwich 2

The existence of Easter bunnies can be traced all the way back to 13th century Christian Germany.

Just like how Spring is the season of rebirth, the rabbit too represents new beginnings. Due to a rabbit’s high fertility rate, it's an animal that’s commonly associated with life and all that it brings.

Every Easter, bunnies are celebrated and Easter egg hunts fill our days. Children are seen playing outside on the dewy grass and Easter baskets are filled with goodies. Although there are tons of ways to celebrate Easter, a unique and healthy way to show spirit is by creating bunny sandwiches! Let’s just hope these sandwiches don’t hop away before we can take a bite.

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Ladybug Sandwiches

A ladybug's body is as red as the color of ripe tomatoes.

A ladybug's body is as red as the color of ripe tomatoes.

These edible ladybugs are seen perching happily on their sandwiches, much the same way the real creatures sit on plants while on the lookout for tasty aphids. Although ladybugs are often considered pests, they do have a role to play. They're a farmer's best friend since they eat the aphids that feed on crops.

The ladybug is one of the most recognizable insects due to its distinct shape and markings. Its body is dotted with dark spots, and although informally known as bugs, ladybugs are actually a type of beetle called "Coccinellidae."

Ladybugs have wings that allow them to fly from plant to plant (or sandwich to sandwich), and they're often on the lookout for food and water. When it's time to settle down, a ladybug will choose a leaf under which to lay its eggs.

Rather than flying and exploring, however, these tomato ladybugs seem content to stay quietly at home on their piece of cheese.

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Barnyard Egg Chicks Salad

Food art - eggs and vegetables salad

It's springtime and these beautiful chicks will help you usher in the season the right way.

This piece of lettuce is fresh from the market and the eggs have been hard-boiled for just the right amount of time. The egg shells have been peeled off so that your child doesn’t choke and carrots have been cut into fun shapes to resemble the feathers on top of the chickens’ heads. You can decorate the chicken yard with "bird feed" too through the use of brown sugar or cinnamon.

With this salad dish, getting your children to eat healthy has just become a whole lot easier.

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So there you have it: 33 creative food art ideas all ready for you to try your hand at. Have fun!

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