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​Hello and welcome aboard! My name is Emma McKeen and I'm the person who runs this site. Foodie Selections has been a labor of love for over a year now. In that time, I've written over 50 kitchen appliances reviews, a number of articles intended to help you find the best cooking appliance for your needs, as well as brought you interesting food stories and delicious recipes from around the world.

​I started this as a resource for foodies and passionate cooks who enjoy unwinding in the kitchen and experimenting with new dishes. From time-to-time, I also review the numerous kitchen gadgets that pop up each day.​

Emma McKeen - FoodieSelections.com

However, this hobby of mine gets really confusing at times! Kitchen appliances come in various combinations and they all look the same. I mean, every rice cooker looks like a rice cooker... but they're all different too! I enjoy digging down to the minutest of details and readers have found my buying guides very helpful. With new technologies being invented, old classics brought back, and hundreds of brands vying for our attention, we truly have our plates full. Phew!

This site is still in its infancy stage and I encourage readers to ask questions and share information. It's been a pleasure meeting so many different people thus far and helping a few discerning cooks select the best cookware for their needs!

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