LG LMVM2033ST 30-Feet 2 Cubic Feet Over-The-Range Microwave Review

​If you're looking for a high quality 1000 watts microwave that will fit snugly in your range hood, this LG LMVM2033ST 30-Feet 2 Cubic Feet Over-The-Range Microwave might just be what you need. The appliance is packed with easy-to-use features that make cooking, reheating, and defrosting a breeze. So, it's perhaps time to ditch that old machine cluttering up the counter-top and invest in modern technology!

The LG LMVM2033ST offers an attractive, modern design. It's also very easy to keep clean with its LG EasyClean technology.

Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensors

The built-in sensors measure temperature and humidity, and adjust cooking time and power accordingly. The microwave will continue to monitor humidity levels as food cooks and will stop automatically when food reaches the right temperature. With state of the art cooking and heating functions that will minimize energy wastage, you'll soon grow to appreciate everything this appliance offers.

Offers Good Ventilation But Remains Relatively Quiet During Operation

Effective ventilation is a must with over-the-range microwave ovens. However, the sound of powerful ventilation can be intrusive with some models. LG has created the QuietPower vent system in this LG LMVM2033ST model, which circulates air with minimum noise. The vent is also hidden so that the sleek style of the microwave will not be compromised.

LG LMVM2033ST Review - Sleek stainless steel look, powerful 1000 watts of cooking power and operates quietly with its 400 CFM fan exhaust

Powerful 1000 watts of cooking power and operates quietly with its 400 CFM fan exhaust

Simple One-Touch Control Pad

The control pad has a futuristic design and it's also incredibly easy to operate. You can choose preset options with the touch of a single button and the sensor control will ensure that your food isn't under or over cooked. You can even add cooking time in 30 seconds or 1 minute increments. The electronic display powers down when the microwave has not been used for 5 minutes, keeping your power consumption to a minimum.

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Easy to Clean With the LG EasyClean Technology

The porcelain coated interior allows you to keep this microwave clean and hygienic without the use of harsh chemicals. It's time to say goodbye to greasy spatters, germ breeding food remnants, and endless scrubbing because the LG EasyClean technology that comes with this microwave only requires regular wiping with a damp cloth to keep your appliance sparkling clean.

Attractive Design That Complements Your Kitchen Decor

The LG LMVM2033ST 30-Feet 2 Cubic Feet Over-The-Range Microwave is made with high quality stainless steel and looks great in modern kitchens. It has one smooth surface and the flat control pad is located at the bottom of the glass door. There are no clunky and old fashioned buttons or dials to deal with. It also perches conveniently over the range instead of cluttering up the counter-top.

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LG LMVM2033ST 30-Feet 2 Cubic Feet Over-The-Range Microwave Package Details and Accessories

This microwave comes with everything you'll need to start cooking. It includes:

  • The oven itself
  • Revolving plate
  • An innovative cooking rack
Despite its compact look, the porcelein-coated interior of the LG LMVM2033ST microwave is huge!

Despite its compact look, the porcelain coated interior offers huge space for your cooking needs.


The LG LMVM2033ST microwave measures 15.9 x 29.9 x 16.9 inches and weighs 63 pounds.


  • It's super easy to use and comes with various one-touch preset functions.
  • The porcelain interior wipes clean without the use of chemicals. With this microwave, you'll know that your family is safe from nasty bacteria that can breed in warm and moist environments.
  • It doesn't sound like there's a tractor in your kitchen. The in-built LG QuietPower system means that the microwave ventilates quietly yet effectively.
  • It won't spoil your decor - the attractive stainless steel body and smooth lines complement any modern kitchen.
  • The guesswork is taken out of microwaving since the built-in sensors make sure your food is cooked perfectly every time.


  • Stainless steel products have a tendency to show finger marks and smudges. A regular wipe of the outside, as well as the inside, will keep it looking clean and shiny at all times.

Consumer Ratings

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So far, this microwave has maintained good ratings at many independent review sites. Past purchasers appear to love the range of features the LG LMVM2033ST has and marvel at how simple it is to use.

Reviewers were also impressed with the large capacity of the microwave oven. It fits well above the range without sticking out too much. Cooking space is thus maximized. The feedback on its performance (the most important part!) is also overwhelmingly positive. Consumers have reported that their food now taste much better and the tough and chewy "microwave cooked" texture from overheating is no longer a problem.​

LG LMVM2033ST 30-Feet 2 Cubic Feet Over-The-Range Microwave Price

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The LG LMVM2033ST 30-Feet 2 Cubic Feet Over-The-Range Microwave offers sleek design, easy operation, and perfectly cooked food. It looks great, works excellently, and minimizes unnecessary energy use. It will take the guesswork out of cooking, the scrubbing out of maintenance, and the clutter out of your kitchen. Overall, it's a futuristic, functional, and powerful 1000 watts microwave oven that will please you for many years to come.

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