Happy and Sad Sandwiches Recipe

These simple sandwiches take less than 10 minutes each to prepare. They're made with healthy ingredients and allow snack times to become fun, bonding sessions with your children.

Instead of making happy or sad faces, however, you can also use other ingredients to make food come alive. For example, you can include a bunch of grapes for hair or even some sliced carrots for ears.

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Happy and sad sandwiches

Mr. Happy and Mr. Sad

  • Ingredients
  • STep-by-step InSTRuctions

Prep time: 20 mins​

Serves: 2

To make Mr. Happy:

  • On one bread slice, place one of the cucumber halves toward the bottom. This will form Mr. Happy's mouth.
  • Arrange a medium-sized red cherry tomato slice onto the cucumber half to form the tongue. Place another red cherry tomato medium slice at the top of the cucumber half, angled, to form the nose.
  • Place two cucumber slices at the top to form the eyes. Place red cherry tomato halves onto the cucumber. This completes Mr. Happy's eyes.
  • Place a romaine lettuce leaf horizontally across the top of the bread slice, above the cucumber eyes. This completes Mr. Happy's hair.
  • Place three green onions on each side of the tomato nose to form whiskers.

You are done with Mr. Happy. Now, on to Mr. Sad:

  • Place yellow cherry tomato halves toward the top of the other bread. Place a small red tomato slice across the middle of the yellow tomato eyes. Place a small square of lettuce on top of the red tomato slices. This completes Mr. Sad's eyes.
  • Place chive halves across the top of the yellow tomato eyes to form eyebrows.
  • Place 2 lettuce leaves above the tomato eyes. Arrange cucumber halves in the center of the lettuce leaves.
  • Take a small piece of Romaine lettuce and cut it into a small rectangle. Place it below the yellow tomato eyes, centered between them. This forms Mr. Sad's nose.
  • Take the radish quarters and spread them evenly across the bottom of the bread in a semi-circle to form mouth.
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