Dog-Shaped Ham and Cheese Sandwich Recipe

I know some people enjoy collecting recipes — so here's one more for you! Like I said in my food art post, you can toast the bread and butter it up for an even more delicious meal. However, all of those are optional since ham and cheese are ingredients that already work well together.

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Dog-shaped ham and cheese sandwich

Perfect for a child who adores dogs.

  • Ingredients
  • STep-by-step InSTRuctions

Prep time: 25 mins​

Serves: 1

  • Place cheddar cheese on bread.
  • Cut one slice of salami in half. This will form one of the dog's ears.
  • Cut one slice of ham in half. This will form the other ear. Slice the remaining ham in half. This will form one of the dog's legs.
  • Take a second piece of ham and cut out the dog's other leg. Make sure both legs are equal in length and size. Using the remaining ham, cut out a medium-sized circle. This will form the dog's forehead.
  • Cut a heart from the Swiss cheese. Make sure the heart has a rounded bottom instead of a pointed one. This will form the dog's face.
  • Take the third piece of ham and cut out four semi-circles with slits at the bottom. These will form the dog's paws.
  • Slice black olive in half. One of these halves will form the nose. Take the remaining half and half it once more. These will form the dog's eyeballs.
  • Cut tomato in half. Discard the seeds and insides. Cut the halves into strips. One of these will create the dog's tongue.
  • Arrange 1 whole salami on the bottom middle part of the Cheddar cheese. With the cut out ham, salami, and Swiss cheese pieces, form the outline of the dog.
  • Next, place a green olive in the center of the heart-shaped Swiss cheese.
  • Place the halved black olive on top of green olive. This completes the nose.
  • Place a tomato strip from the bottom of the green olive to complete the tongue.
  • Sprinkle pepper on Swiss cheese to create freckles.
  • Place two whole kernel corn above the heart-shaped Swiss cheese to form eyes. Place the two small pieces of black olives on top of the corn kernels to complete the eyes.
  • Place parsley leaf pointing up between the corn eyes.
  • Enjoy your dog-shaped ham and cheese sandwich!
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