Cat-Shaped Ham and Cheese Sandwich Recipe

This friendly cat sandwich is a delight to look at. As always, you can spread some jam or peanut butter onto your bread slice before layering a piece of cheese on top. You can also toast the bread slice if you have some extra time to spare.

There are a lot of other creative sandwich ideas here so feel free to bookmark the page whenever you need some inspiration in the kitchen!

Cat-shaped ham and cheese

Easy and fun sandwich for your little ones

  • Ingredients
  • STep-by-step InSTRuctions

Prep time: 25 mins​

Cook time: 5 mins

Total time: 30 mins

Serves: 1

  • Take one slice of salami and cut it in half. One of these will form the cat's body. Take the other half and cut out a crescent-shape piece, approximately 1-inch wide. This will form the cat's tail. Take the remaining portion of the salami slice and cut out two medium-sized triangles. These will form part of the cat's ears.
  • Cut a medium-sized circle from the Cheddar cheese. This will form the base of the cat's nose.
  • Cut a triangle out from the cherry tomato. This will form the cat's mouth.
  • Half the black olive and cut a triangle out of it. This will form the cat's nose.
  • Next, cut two smaller squares out of the remaining portion of the black olive. These will form the cat's eyeballs.
  • Take 2 chives and cut them into three equal pieces each. These will form the cat's whiskers.
  • Take the third chive and cut out a 1-inch piece. This will be placed between the cat's nose and mouth.
  • Cut the bologna ham into two small triangles. These will be placed on top of the medium-sized salami triangles (from step 1) to complete the cat's ears.
  • Next, cut two semi-circles from the remaining piece of bologna ham. Cut a few slits at the straight ends. These will form the cat's feet.
  • Place the American cheese slice on top of the bread. Place the bread in the center of the lettuce leaf.
  • Place an uncut slice of salami toward the top of the cheese. This will serve as the base for the cat's face. Arrange the half slice of salami (from step 1) below it. This completes the cat's body.
  • Place the two semi-circles of bologna ham (from step 8) below the cat's body. This completes the cat's feet.
  • ​Arrange the cat's tail (from step 1) on the right side of the cat's body.
  • Place the cheese circle (from step 2) in the middle of the cat's face.
  • Place the black olive triangle at the top to complete the nose. Arrange a small piece of chive (from step 7) below the nose. Place the triangular cherry tomato piece below the chive. This completes the cat's nose.
  • Arrange the cat's whiskers according from the 6 equal pieces of chives (from step 6).
  • Place the two green olives, with holes facing outward, at the top of the cheese circle.
  • Place a black olive square in the hole of the green olives. This completes the cat's eyes.
  • Place the triangles of ham at the top of the cat's head to complete the ears.
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