Bananas In Love Fruit Platter Recipe

Not only is this fruit platter simple to make, it's also aesthetically pleasing. You can make this dish for your loved one during Valentine’s Day or for your children as a healthy breakfast treat. Originally introduced in my creative food art post, this is one of those dishes you’ll look forward to dazzling people with.

Like I mentioned in this post, be sure to use fresh bananas that are not over ripe. Once a banana ripens, it goes brown and then black very quickly. Such bananas don’t taste as good and creamy as they normally would, and eating blackened bananas aren't all too appetizing after all.

In this recipe, I've used pomegranate seeds to adorn the plate. However, you can also use blueberries to create the impression of two banana swans dancing in a bright, blue ocean of love. Throw in some raspberries, nuts, and perhaps a few kiwi slices, and you’ll have one of the prettiest fruit platters ever.

Bananas in Love fruit Platter

Banana swans in love

  • Ingredients
  • STep-by-step InSTRuctions

Prep time: 15 mins​

Serves: 1

  • Slice the first banana in half and make sure the second one is about an inch taller than the first.
  • Using a knife, cut the taller banana's stem crosswise. Ensure the opening is big enough to place a pomegranate seed inside.
  • Next, cut the shorter banana's stem crosswise then arrange both bananas in an upright position on a plate. Make sure the tips of both stems are touching so that they can balance each other.
  • Cut the pointed ends of the toothpicks into less than 1cm in lengths. Poke the pointed ends into the four sides of the banana where the eyes will be.
  • Next, poke an Acai berry gently into the exposed end of the toothpick. Do this for the four other berries. These will make the eyes.
  • Spread the remaining pomegranate seeds around the kissing banana dolphins and revel in your creation!
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